How to SURVIVE the APOCALYPSE 🤯 (Either nuclear or zombie)

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If the apocalypse came, if the world as we know it ceased to exist.
Where would you take refuge?
In this episode, we will see what are the best options to survive a global cataclysm, be it nuclear, viral or zombie. All nestled in a survival story with a strong sense of humor. Do not miss it. We will learn how one of the best options to survive is a sailboat, the importance of energy, how to get drinking water economically and unlimitedly in the middle of the sea, how to get food and how to find a suitable place to start over.


We will see important issues such as:
Obtain energy: With accumulators, solar panels, wind turbines, or even mechanical generators..
Obtain fresh water: By means of condensation, through dehumidifiers, refrigerators, or by distilling sea water with a pot and a convex tap. It is also possible to collect rainwater with an awning and a correctly redirected hole.
Obtain food: Fundamentally, through the accumulation on board of preserves and fishing… that in survival situations, non-legal methods can be resorted to, such as the use of breathing equipment in underwater fishing.

This episode has been very complex to make and has required a lot of help, for which we have to be very grateful to a number of collaborators:
✅ Thanks to https://es.ecoflow.com/ that has given us a River Pro to make this video and that will not only be useful in a global cataclysm, but also to charge and have energy for all our equipment in the filming.
✅ Thanks to both https://astrolandagency.com/ and https://www.cyberhut.io/ for letting us record at their facilities in Cantabria. Astroland is a real company that is really dedicated to designing and studying means for testing possible life forms for future interplanetary travelers.
✅ Thank you for https://www.smacodive.com/ donating your S700 scuba bottle that we use so much in the videos
✅ Thanks to my brother Jose Luis, who has collaborated with Carlos in this video for the realization of all the special effects.
✅ Thank you to all the family and friends who have lent themselves to act in this video, which have been a lot. Specifically, and in strict order of appearance:
Felipe (zombie), my Mother (Herself), my Father (zombie), Chema (zombie), Inma (outraged walker), Miguel (carefree husband), Fernando Simón (the same, more or less), Carlos father (father de Carlos), Carlos (zombie), Mario (Baby 1), Gabriel (Baby 2), Marina (zombie), Luismi (zombie), Alberto (zombie), Linda (zombie), Dani (zombie), Lara (as Lara herself, well, although she is much better than her role), Veronica (Veronica), Alicia (Alicia), Elsa (Elsa), Sandra (Astroland receptionist), my mother-in-law (zombie) and Bear Grylls (same, although not know)
✅ Thanks to you, for continuing to watch us, despite the fact that from time to time we lose our grip and make an episode of this type.
✅ And above all, for phrasing Snoop Dogg, thanks to us. To Carlos and me (David) for continuing to steal time from our lives and jobs to produce videos

In this video we refer to several sites and inventions that may be useful to you and we link:
✅ EcoFlow River Pro
🔹Official Store: https://es.ecoflow.com/products/river-pro-portable-power-station?variant=42969741361374&aff=23
🔹Amazon: https://amzn.to/3NlNXKH
✅ Mobile with Blackview thermal camera
🔹Amazon: https://amzn.to/3SDLtbC
✅ Baofeng station
🔹 On AliExpress: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000341075682.html
✅ Awning with hose plug
🔹Awning: https://amzn.to/3sDWgYY
🔹Take hose: https://amzn.to/3gOYfqG
✅ Mini dehumidifier
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🔹On AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DmUlTEj
✅ Portable induction hob for kitchen
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✅ EcoFlow portable solar panel
✅ SMACO diving bottle
✅ Kiwix (to have wikipedia without internet)