Month: June 2022


Homemade Wireless MOB (Man Over Board) Device

In this post we face a FALL INTO WATER (MOB) sailing SOLO. We tested and demystified some of the traditional techniques to prevent and SURVIVE a man overboard. And above all we built ourselves a very simple wireless invention, for 25 euros, that stops the boat’s engine in case we fall into the water. All of that with plenty of testing, crashes, and good humor. […]


How to apply silicone antifouling (Silic One) by yourself.

For a long time we had the idea of testing Hempel’s silicone antifouling patent at the next beaching of my boat. But the work and the cost seemed too expensive to me. Until the opportunity arose, I did my numbers to see how profitable it was, and I decided to try it myself. The following video shows my experience, how to carry out the entire […]