Month: June 2021


Chasing Dory, the cheapest underwater drone. In-depth test and review.

Greetings sailors,Today we tested the cheapest underwater drone (ROV) we have found, the Chasing Dory. And not because it is the cheapest it is, far from it, bad.Today we add a submarine to our ship! Join us in this test, which ends up becoming an almost epic story in our video. Know the main details, tips and links to buy it in this post. Chasing […]


Configure Marine Channels on Baofeng UV-9R

Greetings sailors, Given the multiple requests that you have made me about how to configure the Baofeng UV-9R station, which came out in the episode of sailing alone, I am going to make a short clarifying post about it. First of all, clarify that the Baofeng UV-9R is a portable, waterproof and very economical transmitter, I bought it on Aliexpress for 25 euros, although you […]


Boat Tour Oceanis 321: Little details and great DIY ideas

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to take a little tour of the exterior of my boat. My boat is a Beneteau Oceanis 321 from 1997, with three very spacious cabins, especially for her length. She is a 32 footer but with great volume that goes up to 9.95 meters in length, almost 3.5 in beam and 1.30m in draft. And of course, as you […]