Month: September 2021


What to do when your boat’s engine fails.

As a result of being stranded 12 miles out to sea, on a fishing day, due to an engine breakdown, it occurred to me that we should still dedicate a post to: how a boat engine works, the most common problems, and fortune solutions for any of those engine problems, which can happen to us when we least expect it. From that day you have […]


New life for the electronics of our boat

Greetings sailors,Today we are going to reuse and modernize all the electronics of our boat thanks to our Rapsberry with Openplotter, interconnecting NMEA 0183 and Seatalk devices to be able to access their data from any device (Tablet, Mobile, Computer, Navionics, OpenCPN) and anywhere. And all thanks to connecting it with our Raspberry Pi with OpenPlotter. A world of possibilities to rejuvenate the electronics of […]


The cheapest AIS emitter on the market, for your boat

Greetings sailors,Today we are going to test the cheapest AIS transponder that I could find and which of course is Chinese. In fact, total Chinese. Officially they call it a locator for fishing nets, specifically “SOCOTRAN Net Locator“, but we will see that it is actually a perfectly functional AIS transponder, to which we will be able to incorporate the identification information of our boat […]