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Waterproof flying drone

In this post we are going FISHING for BONITO in the Bay of Biscay, although the main thing we are going to have to fish for is our new FLYING DRONE when it CRASHES into the WATER in a shot… Luckily it is a Chinese flying drone and aquatic that nothing happens because it crashes in the water and that can land and take off […]


Inflatable boats

Today we will talk about inflatable nautical. The options that we have to navigate with amazing INFLATABLE BOATS, which will allow us to navigate both SAILING, motorized, and rowing, and that we can transport and STORE in a BACKPACK. Boats that will allow us to enjoy and explore new places, thanks to the fact that they are transportable (even by plane) and that we can […]


Cross the Atlantic by sailboat for free

In this post I have to confess that words are unnecessary. The video is really explanatory, we invite you to join us to cross an ocean. Let’s see HOW one can CROSS the ATLANTIC on a sailboat for FREE, even further, on a LUXURY CATAMARAN, a Privilège series 6, a piece of catamaran of 20 meters in length. And all this for FREE and without […]


Sailing in Autumn, alone

Greetings sailors, today we come with a little advice: Do not stop sailing. Sailing in autumn is a real pleasure that, at times, can leave you almost speechless. And put to run out of words, better to stay with the images. Today we present you directly a video of everything that autumn still offers for sailors. A small trip through the bay of Santander, its […]


What to do when your boat’s engine fails.

As a result of being stranded 12 miles out to sea, on a fishing day, due to an engine breakdown, it occurred to me that we should still dedicate a post to: how a boat engine works, the most common problems, and fortune solutions for any of those engine problems, which can happen to us when we least expect it. From that day you have […]