Chinese Lifepo4 batteries

We test the Chinese batteries of Lifepo4, we see their advantages and inconveniences and submit them to some very special tests. Specifically, we tested the 12V and 200Ah Sanfou battery, teaching you step by step how to make their installation and how to modify the chargers so that they are simultaneously compatible with traditional lead batteries and Lifepo4 with a cheap and ingenious invention.All this, […]


Rigid vs flexible Solar Panels. Which is the best option

What type of solar panels are the most efficient? Rigid or Flexible? We will explore every crucial aspect you should consider when choosing between rigid and flexible solar panels. We will meticulously analyze its performance, durability, weight and efficiency, giving you a clear perspective on which one best suits your specific needs. Additionally, we will take you step-by-step through a detailed installation process aboard a […]


Build a Stainless Steel Sail Arch without Welds

We teach you the simplest way to build stainless steel structures, without welding and with simple tools. We will build a stern arch for our boat, in which to place elements such as rigid solar panels, or a wind turbine. We will do all this by working and joining all the pieces using rivets and fittings, which will not require any type of welding, providing […]


Low cost insulation

We teach you step by step how to add a layer of thermal and acoustic insulation to your boats and camper vans while spending very little money. In this episode we are going to see the most economical insulation alternatives, alternatives to the famous Kaiflex, comparing their characteristics and subjecting them to tests, among which we include a litmus test, literally. And above all, we […]


DIY Remote control for Raymarine ™ Seatalk ™ autopilots

In this post we are going to see all the details of how to build a remote control for the autopilot of our boat. Both the more traditional version, with relays connected directly to the buttons on the display, and the good version that connects to the SeaTalk bus of our Raymarine pilot and works in the same way as the original Raymarine remote control. […]


Raspberry Pi and IMU sensors

We return to the Raspberry Pi and we are going to see how to add additional sensors to it. Specifically, we are going to add an IMU, which connected by I2C and for less than 4 euros, will allow us to control aspects of our boat such as heel, trim or heading. This is the basis to be able to build an autopilot for our […]