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Inventions against heat

Another Heat Wave! Facing the HEAT on board our BOATS, VANS or MOTORHOMES is complicated, and can make summer nights become very long. In this week’s episode we will see some of the most ingenious INVENTIONS that exist to beat the heat on board and we will try to understand a little better how they work. Fans, evaporative coolers, air conditioners and even a portable […]


How to clean boat sails

Do you know the proper way to CLEAN THE SAILS of your boats? And how to REPAIR THEM and KEEP THEM neat and in good shape, so that they last for many years? And how to CLEAN the gelcoat COVER? In this episode we see how, but we do not stop there, but we will also see how to make small and large repairs to […]


babies on board

How one’s life changes in a very short time… This time we bring you a video on how to adapt our boats to be able to enjoy them with babies on board. But also a journey through how our boats are adapting to our lives from the days of revelry, binge eating and alcohol; to the recollection of the pandemic or the experience of suddenly […]


How The Low Cost Sailor Is Made

Greetings sailors, Today, to celebrate the Christmas holidays, we present you all the secret tricks and techniques that we follow to create our YouTube channel. A behind-the-scenes look at everything you need to create each of the episodes of our channel .. And many of our tricks and secrets that you have asked us about in the past. Of course, to make all this possible […]


Sailing in Autumn, alone

Greetings sailors, today we come with a little advice: Do not stop sailing. Sailing in autumn is a real pleasure that, at times, can leave you almost speechless. And put to run out of words, better to stay with the images. Today we present you directly a video of everything that autumn still offers for sailors. A small trip through the bay of Santander, its […]