Diesel engine maintenance. Yanmar 2GM20

By admin

Know the operation of our engines, the different parts involved in its operation and that require maintenance, the frequency of this maintenance and the reason for it; It can help, and a lot, to prolong the life and health of our engines.

In our video this week we will learn how a marine diesel engine works, the weak points that require more revision and how to perform the most common maintenance tasks.


We could focus the maintenance of diesel engines on the following aspects:

Oil and filter change
Transfer case oil change
Fuel tank check
Inspection and change of fuel filters
Bleeding the fuel circuit
Changing or cleaning the air filter
Changing the impeller of the water pump
Cleaning of the refrigeration circuit
Coolant renewal

You can see all these aspects in the previous video about my Yanmar 2GM20F, although they are equivalent for any marine diesel engine, and most tasks for any diesel engine in general.

For this process I use some tools that I find useful:

✅ Resistant mobile with thermal camera. Always helpful. Blackview BV6600 Pro
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✅ Manual oil pump (The first one I had)
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To rinse the salt and fresh water circuits, we will choose to connect at some point in the circuit: in the salt water circuit, when it is open, we will connect between the exhaust outlet and the water pump outlet (See diagram, the X indicate pipes to be released), and in the fresh water one, when it is closed, we can do it at any point in the circuit, we in the pipes that go to the heater.