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The cheapest AIS emitter on the market, for your boat

Greetings sailors,Today we are going to test the cheapest AIS transponder that I could find and which of course is Chinese. In fact, total Chinese. Officially they call it a locator for fishing nets, specifically “SOCOTRAN Net Locator“, but we will see that it is actually a perfectly functional AIS transponder, to which we will be able to incorporate the identification information of our boat […]


Chasing Dory, the cheapest underwater drone. In-depth test and review.

Greetings sailors,Today we tested the cheapest underwater drone (ROV) we have found, the Chasing Dory. And not because it is the cheapest it is, far from it, bad.Today we add a submarine to our ship! Join us in this test, which ends up becoming an almost epic story in our video. Know the main details, tips and links to buy it in this post. Chasing […]


Low cost chart plotter with Raspberry Pi and Open Plotter

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to see how to install the famous Raspberry Pi with Open Plotter on our boat. Basically we are going to put a brain to our boat. With the Raspberry Pi we will be able to do a multitude of things that could fill many posts, but today we are going to focus on doing two things with it: We […]


How to get free WIFI on your boat

Greatings Sailors, Today we are going to see all the steps necessary to install a WIFI network on our boat, how to give it free Internet when we are at the dock, and how to back up that Internet with another one for when we are sailing. This post can also be applied to have free WIFI in your van, motorhome, or vacation house… In […]