Sailing for beginners, or for dummies

Description Greetings sailors, Today we are going to see what are the fundamental techniques and tricks that I use to go sailing alone with confidence. This post is a bit different from the previous ones, and without pretending to be an expert in the field, we are going to see a small solo navigation guide for beginners, or for dummies … The best of this […]


Chinese level gauges for our ship’s tanks.

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to learn how to install level gauges for any of our ship’s tanks. We are going to see it by installing it in freshwater tanks, but the procedure and devices are the same for any other tank, such as fuel. All this, spending about 30 euros … More or less, half of what it would cost in a nautical […]


Motorized outdoor WIFI camera. For surveillance and navigation.

Greetings sailors, today we are going to install an IP motorized camera, spending less than 85$. We are going to place it on the outside of our boat, but obviously, this tutorial is suitable to learn how to place it anywhere, such as your home for example. Purpose As for profits (if we put on a boat): Monitor the boat from home, when the boat […]


A new project starts today

Greetings sailors, Owning a boat, especially a sailing boat, has been my dream for the past few years. https://youtu.be/YJVUEm3nUPw I still remember how my first experiences on the boat of one of my friends were opening the door for me to know the world of boats. But without a doubt, the turning point was my first vacation on a chartered boat. Carrying your house with […]