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Waterproof flying drone

In this post we are going FISHING for BONITO in the Bay of Biscay, although the main thing we are going to have to fish for is our new FLYING DRONE when it CRASHES into the WATER in a shot… Luckily it is a Chinese flying drone and aquatic that nothing happens because it crashes in the water and that can land and take off […]


Inflatable boats

Today we will talk about inflatable nautical. The options that we have to navigate with amazing INFLATABLE BOATS, which will allow us to navigate both SAILING, motorized, and rowing, and that we can transport and STORE in a BACKPACK. Boats that will allow us to enjoy and explore new places, thanks to the fact that they are transportable (even by plane) and that we can […]


Must-have tools and other nautical gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, and knowing how difficult it is to get the gifts right, we have decided to make a list of ideas to give to any fan of Boating, DIY or the sea in general … Let it not be said that the wise men fall short of ideas. In the video you can see my favorites, the ones that I […]


Put a bicycle in your boat.

If you are thinking of a simple, agile, economical and efficient means of transport for your boat… The bicycle is the solution. A perfect complement to your boat, both for those of you who are travelers and those of you who have the boat close to home. And to convince you that this is so, we have made another of our videos … And this […]


Low cost diving equipment for the maintenance of the boat in the water.

Greetings sailors, In today’s post we are going to see some of the revisions and maintenance tasks of the living work that can be carried out with the boat in the water, submerging ourselves, and that will allow us to save a few euros in crane lifts and descents and at the same time they will allow us to lengthen the times between strandings, reducing […]


Chasing Dory, the cheapest underwater drone. In-depth test and review.

Greetings sailors,Today we tested the cheapest underwater drone (ROV) we have found, the Chasing Dory. And not because it is the cheapest it is, far from it, bad.Today we add a submarine to our ship! Join us in this test, which ends up becoming an almost epic story in our video. Know the main details, tips and links to buy it in this post. Chasing […]