Polish Flag

By admin

In this post we tell you everything you need to know to change the registration flag of your ship: How to change to the Polish flag. We tell you how easy it is, how to carry it out step by step, the advantages it has, the drawbacks, the reasons that have led us to it And in the process we will review some information about Poland Because we can flag our ship in another country and thus free ourselves of a good part of the complexities and risks of the Spanish flag: security material, ITB, homologations, dispatches and other ways of attacking our pocket.

In the video you have all the details of the reasons, the procedure, how to manage it and the advantages and disadvantages of the new flag.

To carry out the entire process I trusted Stephane from the AbanderaTuBarcoYa.es website, which is the cheapest I have found, in fact my feeling is that it cost me less to change the flag than to pass the ITB.

The process is very simple and with the documentation of the boat and little else you will be able to do it without problems.

The steps are basically:

With the receipt of the cancellation request you will be able to request the registration of the new flag, and with the temporary documentation navigate. Although on rare occasions you can change the registration number between the temporary and the definitive one. The process is simple and it will not cost you to do it with the help of a consultant, either Stephane’s or another you trust. I leave below screenshots of all the papers that must be done and that they will send us.