How to apply silicone antifouling (Silic One) by yourself.

For a long time we had the idea of testing Hempel’s silicone antifouling patent at the next beaching of my boat. But the work and the cost seemed too expensive to me. Until the opportunity arose, I did my numbers to see how profitable it was, and I decided to try it myself. The following video shows my experience, how to carry out the entire […]


Secrets, tricks and ideas with LED lighting

Today we are going to learn some secrets, tricks and ideas around LED lighting. We are going to see where it comes from, how LED lights work, their great advantages and various formats and ideas to apply to our boats (houses, vans or motorhomes), without giving up consuming very little energy, which is one of their great advantages. An educational episode, entertaining and above all […]


Improvisational cooking at sea

Finding ourselves with an emergency at sea, which forces us to stay longer on the boat than desired, or simply discover a wonderful day that we want to lengthen in an improvised way, can lead us to have to eat on our boats.Carrying food on board to be able to face this type of event, or a world war, or a zombie apocalypse, or an […]


Power inverters, microwaves and alternating current

We tell you the easiest way to make an alternating current electrical installation in your boats, motorhomes or isolated residences. How to have electricity to feed it through batteries, and a current inverter, which will allow you to operate: tools, appliances or even a microwave anywhere with total independence. The complete installation will correspond to the following scheme: The safest option and what manufacturers recommend […]


Polish Flag

In this post we tell you everything you need to know to change the registration flag of your ship: How to change to the Polish flag. We tell you how easy it is, how to carry it out step by step, the advantages it has, the drawbacks, the reasons that have led us to it And in the process we will review some information about […]


Rev counter for our engine

I am surprised and concerned at how expensive some original parts for our boat engines can be.My Yanmar 2GM20F engine did not come with a rev counter, a tachometer, and when I started looking for the original part, especially the engine sensor, I almost fell on my ass: 200 euros for the engine sensor and at least 100 more for the clock !! A search […]