Inflatable boats

By admin

Today we will talk about inflatable nautical. The options that we have to navigate with amazing INFLATABLE BOATS, which will allow us to navigate both SAILING, motorized, and rowing, and that we can transport and STORE in a BACKPACK.


Boats that will allow us to enjoy and explore new places, thanks to the fact that they are transportable (even by plane) and that we can store in our own home.
Let’s see and try, from the new wingfoils to inflatable sailing CATAMARANS for 4 PEOPLE!
Great boats to replace or complement the auxiliary of our boats, or as an economical boat without expenses, in case we do not have a boat and want to enter the world of nautical.
The perfect excuse to try a lot of junk!!!

I leave you some links to the different gadgets that we see in this video, in case you decide to buy one:

  ✅ Inflatable auxiliaries
      🔵 My Quicksilver Tendy 240 AD https://amzn.to/3IIIB9T
  ✅ Inflatable Kayak
      🔵 Carlos' decathlon 
      🔵 The latest decathlon hard to distinguish from a rigid one 
  ✅ SUP board and paddle surf
      🔵 The decathlon 
      🔵 The one I have, very good and you can put a candle on it https://amzn.to/3z8P239
      🔵 A very cheap china, of less quality, but with all the accessories, including a candle https://amzn.to/3yKR3kq
 ✅ For kitesurfing, wing wings, wingsup and similar sports..
      🔵 My recommendation for quality price is that you take a look at Gong Galaxy https://www.gong-galaxy.com/
  ✅ Electric motors for the SUP or boat
      🔵 The one we tested in the video https://www.scubajet.com/scubajet/
      🔵 A cheaper less compact option https://amzn.to/3uRiesS
  ✅ The winged unicorn!!!
      🔵 https://amzn.to/3IFIQm6The decathlon inflatable sailboat
  ✅ The 4-seater inflatable catamaran
      🔵 https://www.smartkat.net/en/content/7-concept-and-technologies
  ✅ And of course AN ELECTRIC INFLATOR