Improvisational cooking at sea

By admin

Finding ourselves with an emergency at sea, which forces us to stay longer on the boat than desired, or simply discover a wonderful day that we want to lengthen in an improvised way, can lead us to have to eat on our boats.
Carrying food on board to be able to face this type of event, or a world war, or a zombie apocalypse, or an unusual sunny day, will allow us to improvise something to eat in all these types of circumstances.

For this reason, we have made a video in which we are going to see, and try, all kinds of food that we can store on our boats in order to improvise something easy and delicious to eat. Well, or so many of the packages claim… We are going to focus, in particular, on how food preservation technology has evolved, with things like ready-made meals that promise to be ready in a minute and keep cold for periods of months or years. Ideal food to store in boats, caravans, vans, cottages or nuclear shelters. So it’s going to be a cooking episode, but in our style…

And it never ceases to amaze me how the world of precooked food and dishes that we can carry and/or store on our boats for long periods of time has evolved.

Finding various categories:

  • Ready-made food: Food ready to go, which they have already cooked for you and they give you in a tupperware so you can eat it right away. There is everything, pizzas, lasagna, sushi, empanadas, croquettes, chicken, potatoes… Basically all the food imaginable. It’s like the food your mother gives you in a tupperware, but less rich. And it is designed to be consumed during the day.
  • Refrigerated food: Refrigerated food for you to prepare yourself. These are dishes similar to the previous ones, intended to be kept in the fridge for periods ranging from a week to a month, and there is also a wide variety. Normally designed so that you can heat it in the microwave or similar and consume it. Lasagna, pasta, hamburgers, salads, etc.
  • Traditional preserves: The traditional canned food, canned fish, beans, stews, vegetables, spaghetti, etc. Food that you can preserve for periods of several years without the need to refrigerate and that you can consume with none or very little processing. This is ideal to store on the ship and forget about, and be prepared to survive even a world war.
  • The snack shit: Nuts, chips, mini sausages, things that you can normally have for a few months on the ship and although they can take away your hunger for a while, I don’t know if I even classify it as food.
  • Non-refrigerated pre-cooked: Finally, the most surprising: The new products, prepared and pre-cooked dishes, or the bread itself, in a protective atmosphere. Dishes that surprisingly and without needing any refrigeration, promise things like spaghetti carbonara, or garlic chicken, or meatballs with vegetables, or vegetable stews… All ready to eat in a couple of minutes in the microwave and that are preserved for periods of order of a full year.