Cross the Atlantic by sailboat for free

By admin

In this post I have to confess that words are unnecessary. The video is really explanatory, we invite you to join us to cross an ocean.

Let’s see HOW one can CROSS the ATLANTIC on a sailboat for FREE, even further, on a LUXURY CATAMARAN, a Privilège series 6, a piece of catamaran of 20 meters in length. And all this for FREE and without the need to have your own boat. A brief introduction to the world of BarcoStop, and how relatively simple it is to enroll as a crew member on a ship to live an adventure, such as the Atlantic crossing.

We tell you how to do it, the experience that is the trip itself, life on board, and the way to live the experience yourself.

We cannot stop being grateful in this video to some people:

✅ The protagonist of the video, Marta. Alias ​​Captain Yogi:
🔵 her website https://capitanyogi.com/
🔵 her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/capitanyogi/?hl=es
✅ The people from The Kim Club who invited Marta to this adventure
🔵 His Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_kimclub/?hl=es
✅ Paula from @Allende los Mares, a reference in this BarcoStop and on whose channel you can find much more information on the subject.
✅ To Carlos, creator of the editing, recording and direction of all the videos on the channel, and who despite the circumstances and difficulties of recent weeks, has worked so that we had the video ready, even if it was a week late .
✅ To Carlos Sr., for having come out of this and recovering… If not, it would be us who would be having a hard time recovering and gaining strength.
✅ To Lara, my wife, for understanding her and giving me those moments of freedom to continue making these videos, despite the two churumbels we have now.
✅ To all the followers of the channel who support us: watching us, commenting, sharing our videos, talking about us, using our purchase links and even with financial donations.
✅ And why not, as Snoop Dog would say, thanks to me 😎 😜 🤣🤣🤣🤣.