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Chain counter

In this post, we are going to see everything we need to build ourselves, a chain meter counter for the windlass anchor of our boat. A very simple and useful invention that for about 20 euros will allow us to anchor with much more criteria. In fact, in the video you have information about the correct anchoring and all the details about the operation and […]


Homemade Wireless MOB (Man Over Board) Device

In this post we face a FALL INTO WATER (MOB) sailing SOLO. We tested and demystified some of the traditional techniques to prevent and SURVIVE a man overboard. And above all we built ourselves a very simple wireless invention, for 25 euros, that stops the boat’s engine in case we fall into the water. All of that with plenty of testing, crashes, and good humor. […]


Rev counter for our engine

I am surprised and concerned at how expensive some original parts for our boat engines can be.My Yanmar 2GM20F engine did not come with a rev counter, a tachometer, and when I started looking for the original part, especially the engine sensor, I almost fell on my ass: 200 euros for the engine sensor and at least 100 more for the clock !! A search […]


Ruggedized tablet to navigate (by the sea)

This time we are going to talk about using a tablet as an economical plotter on our boats. We have prepared a video for you in which: we bought and tested the cheapest rugged, waterproof (aquatic) tablet on the market: The OUKITEL RT1. We compare it with other tablet options that we can also use on our boats as a plotter, we put it to […]


The best low cost battery monitors

Today we are going to get into the issue of batteries, one of the most expensive goods on our boats and the easiest to break down or run out, causing us the consequent annoyances. In the video we can see the basics of the monitors, the simplest and cheapest that only control the battery voltage, those that already allow us to know at what rate […]


WiFi power failure detection alarm

In this post and in the associated video, we are going to see how we can take advantage of the benefits of the WiFi flood detector that we have seen in other episodes, to build an alarm that alerts us to the mobile when the power fails or the connection cable is disconnected to port of our ships. A very simple solution that we tell […]