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Chinese level gauges for our ship’s tanks.

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to learn how to install level gauges for any of our ship’s tanks. We are going to see it by installing it in freshwater tanks, but the procedure and devices are the same for any other tank, such as fuel. All this, spending about 30 euros … More or less, half of what it would cost in a nautical […]


Motorized outdoor WIFI camera. For surveillance and navigation.

Greetings sailors, today we are going to install an IP motorized camera, spending less than 85$. We are going to place it on the outside of our boat, but obviously, this tutorial is suitable to learn how to place it anywhere, such as your home for example. Purpose As for profits (if we put on a boat): Monitor the boat from home, when the boat […]


DIY anti-intruder alarm with video surveillance and mobile alert

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to learn how to make a surveillance system for the interior of our boat so that it warns us if someone slips into it and to be able to monitor the interior of it. And all this spending about 18$ on materials. In reality, the solution that we are going to carry out is exactly the same to protect […]


How to build a mast ladder by yourself to climb solo to the top of the mast

Greetings sailors, Today we are going to see how to make a mast ladder to be able to comfortably climb the mast of our boats for about 50 euros and saving us more than 800. This will even allow you to climb comfortably and quickly alone. Climbing the mast of our sailboats is a necessity that we can have with certain frequency and that is […]